Dropbox install on Fedora 14

I started using Dropbox and couldn’t get it installed on my 64 bit fedora 14 machine.  I found the solution and am just reposting here to hopefully guide someone to it quicker than I was able to find it.

Here is the dropbox forum page with the information and description of the issue (the answer that worked for me is the last post, by P K.)

Here is the solution in case you have dropbox installed, it is not working, and you don’t want to go through the forum post:

execstack -c ~/.dropbox-dist/_ctypes.so

If you haven’t installed it yet, here’s how I did it:

  1. I downloaded the fedora rpm file from the dropbox site.  Get it here.
  2. I installed it using yum localinstall <packagename>.rpm.  This gave me “missing public key” error.  The solution here was to edit (as superuser) the /etc/yum.conf file and temporarily disable gpgcheck (ie, change gpgcheck=1 to gpgcheck=0).  Edit the file with something like sudo gedit /etc/yum.conf
  3. You can skip this step, unless you want to see the problem.   Once installed, run dropbox — either from the command line or the from the Application Launcher, under the Internet folder.  This says you have to run a daemon, press OK.  It says it is downloading and unpacking… and never finishes.
  4. Don’t forget to go back into /etc/yum.conf and reset gpgcheck=1
  5. In the terminal, type execstack -c ~/.dropbox-dist/_ctypes.so <enter>
  6. Now, run dropbox from either from the command line or the from the Application Launcher, under the Internet folder.
That’s it.  It is working for me.  I was using the Dolphin file explorer but dropbox installs into the Nautilus file explorer… so i’m using that now.  Dolphin crashed often for me anyway, so i was never really attached to it.

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