Moving to

I finally got around to setting up my own wordpress site… I can finally use syntax highlighters and whatever other plugins i want — wooooo!!!

Anyway, i’m going to eventually repost all posts here with a link to there so they are easier to read.

For now, check out my newest post on Converting an old Scoop CMS to WordPress at!

I’m still working on the site, I just threw it up there today.  so it looks a little “out of the box” right now.


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2 responses to “Moving to

  • Fahad Mohd

    Hi, i want to thank you for such a nice step by step guidance on the power of ComboBox functionality. Recently we have deployed Data Sharer to our dashboard, which dont clear the Excel Layer (for good performance and less load time of dashboard) when new Intersection are made or you refresh the Dashboard. I was looking for somerhing that clear a particular cell when when i need, so you logic work perfectly, thanks man. Please keep posting your good your.. there is always so much to learn !!

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